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John Calvin on the School of the Spirit

There are others who, when they would cure this disease, recommend that
the subject of predestination should scarcely if ever be mentioned, and
tell us to shun every question concerning it as we would a rock.
Although their moderation is justly commendable in thinking that such
mysteries should be treated with moderation, yet because they keep too
far within the proper measure, they have little influence over the
human mind, which does not readily allow itself to be curbed.
Therefore, in order to keep the legitimate course in this matter, we
must return to the word of God, in which we are furnished with the
right rule of understanding. For Scripture is the school of the Holy
Spirit, in which as nothing useful and necessary to be known has been
omitted, so nothing is taught but what it is of importance to know.
Every thing, therefore delivered in Scripture on the subject of
predestination, we must beware of keeping from the faithful, lest we
seem either maliciously to deprive them of the blessing of God, or to
accuse and scoff at the Spirit, as having divulged what ought on any
account to be suppressed. Let us, I say, allow the Christian to unlock
his mind and ears to all the words of God which are addressed to him,
provided he do it with this moderation viz. that whenever the
Lord shuts his sacred mouth, he also desists from inquiry. The best
rule of sobriety is, not only in learning to follow wherever God leads,
but also when he makes an end of teaching, to cease also from wishing
to be wise.