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Os Guinness on Faith Based Initiatives

Early-nineteenth-century entrepreneurialism erupted precisely because
faith was released from all governmental dependence; and today’s entrepreneurialism will slowly wither as dependency on the government
grows again. In other words, the core problem of the president’s
faith-based policy is not legal and constitutional but theological and
spiritual. In the words of the nineteenth-century Catholic writer
Félicité de Lamennais, "It was not with a cheque drawn on Caesar’s bank
that Jesus sent his apostles out into the world."

True faith-based initiatives owe nothing to the government except its protection of their freedom to operate. They are freely chosen, voluntary activities that depend solely on their own believers and resources. As such they are never stronger than the strength of their own beliefs, the generosity of their own people, and the depth of their own resources and commitments — all without a single cent from the government’s tempting purse or a triplicate form from the deadening hand of its bureaucracy.