Alister McGrath

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The Passionate Intellect

Alister McGrath, one of the most prominent theologians and public intellectuals of our day, explains how Christian thinking can and must have a positive role ... » Go

Alister McGrath on Transcendentalizing Ideals

When a society rejects the idea of God, it tends to transcendentalize alternatives — such as the ideals of liberty or equality. These now become ... » Go

The Future of Atheism

The subject of atheism has been much in the news recently with the highly publicized release of radically atheistic books. This helpful book highlights points ... » Go

The Open Secret

Alister McGrath’s The Open Secret provides nothing less than the foundations of a vigorous renewal of natural theology for our time. Theologians and others who ... » Go

The Twilight of Atheism

In this bold and provocative new book, the author of In the Beginning and The Reenchantment of Nature challenges the widely held assumption that the world is becoming more ... » Go