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Can Faiths Make Peace?

Philip Broadhead and Damien Keown, eds. (I.B. Tauris: Feb 6, 2007), 240 pages.

Table of Contents 

    • Introduction
    • Histories, Ethnic Conflict and Peace
      Victor Seidler (Goldsmiths College, London)
    • 1. Religious Attitudes to the Middle East Process
      George Wilkes (University of Cambridge
    • 2. Islam and Reconciliation: Traditions, Contexts and Contemporary Practice
      David Herbert (Open University)
    • 4. Religion as a Source of Conflict in the Post-Soviet States
      John Anderson (University of St Andrews)
    • 5. Accommodation, Competition and Conflict: The Increasing Importance of Sectarian Identity in Pakistan
      Saleem Khan (London Metropolitan University)
    • 6. Symbolism, Violence and the Destruction of Religious Communities in the Russian and Ottoman Empires c. 1870-1923
      Cathie Carmichael (University of East Anglia)
    • 7. War, Honour and Religion
      Paul Robinson (University of Hull)
    • 8. Religion in Rupture: Revolutionary Dechristianisation and its Legacy in France
      Nicholas Atkin and Frank Tallet (University of Reading)
    • 9. Catholic-Jewish Relations in Italy from Unification to Vatican II (1870-1965)
      Toby Abse (Goldsmiths College)
    • 10. Conversion and its Consequences: Africans and Islam in Cape Town
      Rebekah Lee (Goldsmiths College)
    • 11. Revisiting Monks’ Politics and Activism in Contemporary Sri Lanka
      Mahinda Deegalle (Bath Spa University)
    • 12. The Cost of Peace: Buddhists and Conflict Transformation in Sri Lanka
      Elizabeth Harris (University of Birmingham)
    • 13. Radical Enlightenment and Empire: The Fate of Spinoza’s Tolerance
      Howard Caygill (Goldsmiths College)
    • 14. Byzantine Attitudes to Islam
      Andrew Louth (University of Durham)