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Walking on Water

Madeleine L'Engle (Shaw Books: Apr 17, 2001), 256 pages.

From the Publisher

In this classic book, Madeleine L’Engle addresses the questions, What makes art Christian? What does it mean to be a Christian artist? What is the relationship between faith and art? Through L’Engle’s beautiful and insightful essay, readers will find themselves called to what the author views as the prime tasks of an artist: to listen, to remain aware, and to respond to creation through one’s own art.


The bestselling author of such classics as A Wrinkle in Time, A Swiftly Tilting Planet, and Certain Women reflects on art and faith with the fierce intelligence and imaginative daring that have made her one of our most cherished authors. The task of the artist, as she sees it, involves listening, keeping oneself fully aware, and then responding to creation with one’s own art.

Table of Contents

    • Foreword by Nichole Nordeman     xi
    • 1 Cosmos from Chaos     1
    • 2 Icons of the True     19
    • 3 Healed, Whole, and Holy     53
    • 4 A Coal in the Hand     71
    • 5 Probable Impossibles     85
    • 6 Keeping the Clock Wound     103
    • 7 Names and Labels     121
    • 8 The Bottom of the Iceberg     145
    • 9 Do We Want the Children to See It?     171
    • 10 The Journey Homeward     189
    • 11 The Other Side of Silence     205
    • 12 Feeding the Lake     229