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Objects of Grace

James Romaine (Square Halo Books: Nov 2002).

What People Are Saying

Tim Rollins
Many people new to contemporary art are bemused, perplexed, even
angered by it. Many non-believers have a similar cynicism when they
observe people praying. But if you do believe, and have faith in God,
you know what prayer can do, and you have seen the effect of prayer in
your life and in the lives of others. . . You bring faith to art as you
do to God since great art is an instrument of God.”

Sandra Bowden
As Christians recite the Nicene Creed which affirms that we believe in
“the visible and the invisible; the artist lives out that creed making
visible the invisible. . . As an artist, my faith has given me the
freedom to search and to explore. This rich spiritual life has enhanced
my work as an artist.
~ president of Christians in the Visual Arts, talks about
the place of art in the life of the church.

Makoto Fujimura
I had been trapped underground and cut off from everyone and my cell
phone wasn’t working, but walking back to my studio that day, not
knowing if my wife and children were safe, I had this strange sense of
shalom, that God was still fully in control …..There are ground zeros
in everyone’s life and we have to recognize that grace flows out of that
reality …..As artists we are part of a rich history of the visual
record of these journeys through the darkness that help us even today to
find hope.”

Borger, Byron
Brand new, this is a glorious, hip, well-produced, insightful and
altogether spectacular contribution to the advancement of the Kingdom of
God in the field of the arts. It is a uniquely Christian contribution to
the art world and I don’t think it is an overstatement to term it nearly
~ Hearts and Mind Books