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The Beauty of God

Daniel J. Treier, Mark Husbands, and Roger Lundin, eds. (IVP Academic: Jun 2007), 233 pages.

Table of Contents 

    • Introduction Daniel J. Treier Mark Husbands Roger Lundin 7
  • Music: Responding to the Beauty of the Triune Creator
    • 1. Created Beauty: The Witness of J. S. Bach Jeremy S. Begbie 19
    • 2. Beauty, Sentimentality and the Arts Jeremy S. Begbie 45
    • 3. Call Forwarding: Improvising the Response to the Call of Beauty Bruce Ellis Benson 70
  • Visual Arts: Recognizing True Beauty After the Fall
    • 4. The Case for a Broken Beauty: An Art Historical Viewpoint E. John Walford 87
    • 5. Wounds and Beauty Bruce Herman 110
    • 6. "Like Shining from Shook Foil": Art, Film and the Sacred Roy Anker 121
  • Texts and Culture: Bearing Witness to Redemption
    • 7. Silver Catching Midday Sun": Poetry and the Beauty of God Jill Pelaez Baumgaertner 145
    • 8. The Beauty of the Word Re-membered: Scripture Reading as a Cognitive/Aesthetic Practice James Fodor 161
    • 9. The Beauty of Belief Roger Lundin 184
    • 10. The Apologetics of Beauty Edward T. Oakes, S.J. 209
    • Contributors 227
    • Index 229