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A Friendly Letter to Skeptics and Atheists

David G. Myers (Wiley-Blackwell: September 2008), 160 pages.

A Friendly Letter to Skeptics and Atheists helps readers — both secular and religious — appreciate their common ground. For those whose thinking has moved from the religious thesis to the skeptical antithesis (or vice versa), Myers offers pointers to a science-respecting Christian synthesis. He shows how skeptics and people of faith can share a commitment to reason, evidence, and critical thinking, while also embracing a faith that supports human flourishing — by making sense of the universe, giving meaning to life, connecting us in supportive communities, mandating altruism, and offering hope in the face of adversity and death. ~ Publisher’s Description

Table of Contents

    • False and Dangerous? 1
    • My Assumptions 4
    • Mea Culpa 8
    • The Dance of Fanatics and Infidels 11
    • Simplistic Stereotypes 14
    • The Heart of Science and Religion 17
    • The Skeptics’ Boys Club 22
    • Inseparable Body and Soul 26
    • Does Prayer “Work”? 33
    • The Benevolent, Fine-Tuned Universe 44
    • Big Ideas and Biblical Wisdom 54
    • Secularism and Civility 64
    • God and Gays 74
    • (Nominal) Religion Feeds Prejudice 82
    • Godliness and Goodliness 87
    • Happy Faith-Heads 107
    • Healthy Faith-Heads 116
    • Does Explaining Religion Explain It Away? 121
    • The Leap of Faith 128
    • Appendix International Society for Science and Religion Statement on Intelligent Design 133
    • Notes 137
    • Acknowledgments 150
    • The Author 152