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A World of Difference

Kenneth Richard Samples (Baker Books: Sep 1, 2007), 320 pages.

Recent Barna research indicates that less than one in ten evangelical Christians hold a biblical worldview. A World of Difference seeks to change this disturbing fact by educating readers on how the Christian perspective is uniquely reasonable, verifiable, and liveable. Author Kenneth Richard Samples faced a profound test of his own belief system during a personal life-and-death crisis. In A World of Difference, he uses nine distinct tests to compare the Christian worldview with current religious and philosophical competitors, including Islam, postmodernism, naturalism, and pantheistic monism. Samples tackles tough issues through this in-depth study of Christianity’s history, creed, and philosophical basis. An excellent resource for readers who want their view of life and the world to make sense. ~ Product Description

Table of Contents

    • List of Figures and Tables     9
    • Acknowledgments     10
    • Introduction: Culture Clash     12
  • Developing a Worldview Perspective
    • Shades of Reality     19
    • Testable Truth     31
    • Logic 101 and Christian Truth-Claims     39
    • Straight Thinking     55
  • Exploring the Christian Worldview
    • A Christian Vision of Truth, Knowledge, and History     73
    • A Soldier’s Creed     87
    • God’s Written Word-Scripture     107
    • The Historic Christian View of God     129
    • God’s World-Creation and Providence     153
    • The Historic Christian View of Man     171
    • The Historic Christian View of Moral Values     189
  • Evaluating Worldview Competitors
    • Naturalism: A Secular Worldview Challenge     201
    • Postmodernism: A Skeptical Worldview Perspective     219
    • Pantheistic Monism: An Eastern Mystical Viewpoint     233
    • Islam: A Radical Monotheistic Challenge     247
    • Testing the Christian Theistic Worldview     265
    • Worldview Charts     277
    • Notes     280
    • Selected Bibliography     301
    • Scripture Index     305
    • General Index     310