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After You Believe

N.T. Wright (HarperCollins Publishers: March 2010), 307 pages.

How do you develop a character suited for God’s Kingdom? Practice, practice, practice. That, in a nutshell, is the message of this volume on building Christian character by Wright, a prodigiously prolific Bible scholar and Anglican bishop of Durham, England. In arguing for “this new vision of virtue, which is a vision of Jesus Christ himself,” Wright carefully explores such classical exponents of character as Aristotle. He also acknowledges the existence of other notions of encouraging behavior-based rules, duty, or being “true to oneself.” Drawing on scriptures from Genesis to Revelation, Wright asserts that true transformation comes through the work of the Holy Spirit and through worship, mission, and “following Jesus.” As the habits of virtue grow, the church community will become the royal priesthood it is meant to be, anticipating (one of the author’s favorite words) God’s coming new world. A follow-up to Wright’s Simply Christian and Surprised by Hope, this solid volume will appeal to Christians who appreciate biblical interpretation that hews to tradition but incorporates an emphasis on contemporary social justice as an element of Christian virtue. ~ Publishers Weekly

Table of Contents

    • Preface ix
    • 1 What Am I Here For? 1
    • 2 The Transformation of Character 27
    • 3 Priests and Rulers 73
    • 4 The Kingdom Coming and the People Prepared 101
    • 5 Transformed by the Renewal of the Mind 135
    • 6 Three Virtues, Nine Varieties of Fruit, and One Body 181
    • 7 Virtue in Action: The Royal Priesthood 219
    • 8 The Virtuous Circle 257
    • Afterword: Further Reading 285
    • Notes 291
    • Scripture Index 293
    • Subject Index 297