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Agents Under Fire

Angus Menuge (Rowman & Littlefield: August, 2004)

Philosophical naturalism is frequently advocated as the only doctrine that a scientifically informed intellectual of our time can possibly consider. Angus Menuge has shown, however, that a wide range of powerful considerations can be brought forward against this philosophy. Menuge provides a close examination of leading naturalists such as Dawkins, Dennett and Churchland, and draws upon a wide range of critics from C. S. Lewis to Michael Behe, to provide what is arguably the most comprehensive critique of naturalism yet to appear. People who are interested in the Argument from Reason should be especially interested in Menuge’s disucssion. A must read for naturalists and for their opponents. ~ Victor Reppert

Table of Contents

    • Foreword
    • Ch. 1    Skyhooks and cranes : the challenge of reductionism    1
    • Ch. 2    Strong agent reductionism : materialism and the rationality of science    27
    • Ch. 3    Weak agent reductionism : science and the rationality of materialism    63
    • Ch. 4    Bait and switch : indirectness and biological unity    95
    • Ch. 5    The alchemy of the mind : indirectness and psychological unity    127
    • Ch. 6    Beyond Skinnerian creatures : a defense of the Lewis-Plantinga argument against evolutionary naturalism    149
    • Ch. 7    Intentionality, information, and displacement : the legitimacy of design    173
    • Ch. 8    Science and Christianity : dogmatism and dialogue    193