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Beyond Death Exploring the Evidence for Immortality

By sharing the very latest scientific, philosophical, anthropological, ethical, and theological evidence on life after death, noted Christian scholars Habermas and Moreland present a strong case for immortality with this book. They begin by taking up the question of whether life after death is real what evidence supports its reality. They then explore what the afterlife is like and go on to show how having this reality in your future should affect the way you live here and now. This book will reassure you that there’s no need to fear death — as long as you’re prepared for the eternity that follows. It’s also a great aid in developing a serious biblical, rational, and even scientific defense for belief in life beyond the grave. ~ Book Cover

Table of Contents

    • Introduction: Beyond Life’s Certainties
  • Part One: The Evidence for Immortality
    • 1  Some Reasons to Believe  15
    • 2  Body and Soul  37
    • 3  The Nature of the Soul  67
    • 4  Dualism and Eternal Life  85
    • 5  The Resurrection of Jesus  111
    • 6  Some Recent Objections to Jesus’ Resurrection  137
    • 7  Near-Death Experiences  155
    • 8  NDEs: Questions and Objections  173
    • 9  NDEs: New Challenges  199
  • Part Two: The Nature of Immortality
    • 10  Life in Between: The State Between Death and Eternity  221
    • 11  Reincarnation: Is It True?  237
    • 12  The Afterlife’s Ultimate Model  255
    • 13  Heaven: The Great Adventure  269
    • 14  Hell: The Horrible Choice  285
  • Part Three: The Implications of Immortality
    • 15  Becoming Heavenly Minded  323
    • 16  Overcoming the Fear of Death 343
    • 17  Dealing with Abortion, Infanticide, and Euthanasia  357
    • Eternity in the Balance  377

    • Notes  381
    • About the Authors  449
    • General Index  451
    • Scripture Index  459

Philosophy of Mind

About JP Moreland

With degrees in philosophy, theology and chemisty, Dr. Moreland brings erudition, passion, and his distinctive ebullience to the end of loving God with all of one's mind. Moreland received his B.S. in Chemistry (with honors) from the University of Missouri, his M.A. in Philosophy (with highest honors) from the University of California, Riverside, his Th.M. in Theology (with honors) from Dallas Theological Seminary and his Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Southern California. Dr. Moreland has taught theology and philosophy at several schools throughout the U.S. He is currently Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at Biola University's Talbot School of Theology.