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Christian Apologetics

Douglas Groothuis (InterVarsity Press: July 2011), 752 pages.

The Christian worldview proposes answers to the most enduring human questions. But are those answers reliable? In this systematic text, Douglas Groothuis makes a comprehensive apologetic case for Christian theism — proceeding from a defense of objective truth to a presentation of the key arguments for God from natural theology to a case for the credibility of Jesus, the incarnation and the resurrection. Throughout, Groothuis considers alternative views and how they fare intellectually. ~ Product Description "Groothuis is a leading evangelical thinker and Christian Apologetics is a monumental result of decades of study and reflection. Breathtaking in scope, clear in style, this book is now the go-to text in the field. I know of nothing like it, and I enthusiastically recommend it to all who want to learn to give an answer for the hope that is within them." ~ J. P. Moreland

Table of Contents

    • Acknowledgments

    Part I: Apologetic Preliminaries

    • 1 Introduction: Hope, Despair and Knowing Reality
    • 2 The Biblical Basis for Apologetics
    • 3 Apologetic Method: Evaluating Worldviews
    • 4 The Christian Worldview
    • 5 Distortions of the Christian Worldview—or the God I Don’t Believe In
    • 6 Truth Defined and Defended
    • 7 Why Truth Matters Most: Searching for Truth in Postmodern Times
    • 8 Faith, Risk and Rationality: The Prudential Incentives to Christian Faith

    Part II: The Case for Christian Theism

    • 9 In Defense of Theistic Arguments
    • 10 The Ontological Argument
    • 11 Cosmological Arguments: A Cause for the Cosmos
    • 12 The Design Argument: Cosmic Fine-Tuning
    • 13 Origins, Design and Darwinism
    • 14 Evidence for Intelligent Design
    • 15 The Moral Argument for God
    • 16 The Argument from Religious Experience
    • 17 The Uniqueness of Humanity: Consciousness and Cognition
    • 18 Deposed Royalty: Pascal’s Anthropological Argument
    • 19 Jesus of Nazareth: How Historians Can Know Him and Why It Matters by Craig L. Bloomberg
    • 20 The Claims, Credentials and Achievements of Jesus Christ
    • 21 Defending the Incarnation
    • 22 The Resurrection of Jesus

    Part III: Objections to Christian Theism

    • 23 Religious Pluralism: Many Religions, One Truth
    • 24 Apologetics and the Challenge of Islam
    • 25 The Problem of Evil: Dead Ends and the Christian Answer
    • 26 Conclusion: Take It to the Streets
    • Appendix 1 Hell on Trial
    • Appendix 2 Apologetic Issues in the Old Testament By Richard S. Hess
    • Glossary
    • Bibliography
    • Name Index
    • Subject Index
    • Scripture Index