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Cognition, Brain, and Consciousness

Bernard J. Baars and Nicole M. Gage (Elsevier Science: March 2010), 672 pages.

Written by two leading experts in the field, this fully updated textbook takes a unique approach to introducing concepts of cognitive neurosciences. Many educational fields now require a basic understanding of cognitive neuroscience but other textbooks on the market are written for biology audiences, rather than for psychology and related majors. This text takes a thematic approach that is clear and understandable to those with or without a background in biology or neuroscience. New to this edition are Frontiers in Cognitive Neuroscience text boxes; each one focuses on a leading researcher and their topic of expertise. There is a new chapter on Genes and Molecules of Cognition, and all other chapters have been thoroughly revised, based on the most recent discoveries. New material has been added on the latest advances in brain imaging. ~ Product Description

Table of Contents

    • Preface
    • 1   Mind and brain
    • 2   A framework
    • 3   Neurons and their connections
    • 4   The tools: Imaging the living brain
    • 5   The brain
    • 6   Vision
    • 7   Hearing and speech
    • 8   Attention and consciousness
    • 9   Learning and memory
    • 10  Thinking and problem-solving
    • 11  Language
    • 12  Goals, executive control, and action
    • 13  Emotion
    • 14  Social cognition: Perceiving the mental states of others
    • 15  Development
    • 16  The genes and molecules of cognition
    • Appendix — Methods for observing the living brain (Ramsoy, Olaf Paulson, Copenhagen)
    • Glossary
    • Mini-Atlas of the Brain
    • Index