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Debating Christian Theism

Comprising groundbreaking dialogues by many of the most prominent scholars in Christian apologetics and the philosophy of religion, this volume offers a definitive treatment of central questions of Christian faith. The essays are ecumenical and broadly Christian, in the spirit of C.S. Lewis’s Mere Christianity, and feature lucid and up-to-date material designed to engage readers in contemporary theistic and Christian issues. Beginning with dialogues about God’s existence and the coherence of theism and then moving beyond generic theism to address significant debates over such specifically Christian doctrines as the Trinity and the resurrection of Jesus, Debating Christian Theism provides an ideal starting point for anyone seeking to understand the current debates in Christian theology. ~ Publisher’s Description

Table of Contents

    • Contributors
    • Introduction
    • A Cosmological Argument
    • 1. The Kalam Argument – William Lane Craig
    • 2. Doubts about the Kalam Argument – Wes Morriston
    • A Teleological Fine-Tuning Argument
    • 3. The Fine-Tuning Evidence is Convincing – Robin Collins
    • 4. The Universe Shows No Evidence for Design – Victor J. Stenger
    • An Ontological Argument
    • 5. A Modal Version of the Ontological Argument – E.J. Lowe
    • 6. Lowe on ”The Ontological Argument” – Graham Oppy
    • A Moral Argument
    • 7. Ethics Needs God – Paul Copan
    • 8. The Failure of Moral Arguments – Louise Antony
    • An Argument from Consciousness
    • 9. The Argument from Consciousness – J. P. Moreland
    • 10. Consciousness, Theism, and Naturalism – Graham Oppy
    • The Coherence of Theism: Part 1
    • 11. Problems with Omnipotence – Nicholas Everitt
    • 12. Coherence of Divine Power – Charles Taliaferro
    • The Coherence of Theism: Part 2
    • 13. Problems with Omniscience – Patrick Grim
    • 14. The Coherence of Omniscience – Jerome Gellman
    • The Problem of Evil
    • 15. Evil as Evidence against God – Richard M. Gale
    • 16. God and Evil – Chad Meister
    • Evolution and Belief in God
    • 17. Bayes and the Evolution of Religious Belief – Joseph Bulbulia
    • 18. Evolutionary Accounts of Religion and the Justification of Religious Belief – Michael Murray and Jeffrey Schloss
    • The Nature of Human Beings
    • 19. Human Persons are Material and Immaterial (Body and Soul) – Stewart Goetz
    • 20. Human Persons are Material Only – Kevin Corcoran
    • Miracles and Christian Theism
    • 21. Christianity and Miracles – Paul Moser
    • 22. It is Not Reasonable to Believe in Miracles – Evan Fales
    • Science and Christian Faith
    • 23. Science is at Odds with Christianity – Julian Baggini
    • 24. Science is Not at Odds with Christianity – Keith Ward
    • The Doctrine of the Trinity
    • 25. The Doctrine of the Trinity is Coherent – Thomas D. Senor
    • 26. The Trinity is Incoherent – Timothy Winter
    • The Atonement
    • 27. Responsibility, Atonement, and Forgiveness – Richard Swinburne
    • 28. Problems with the Doctrine of Atonement – John Hick
    • The Incarnation
    • 29. An Anselmian Defense of the Incarnation – Katherin A. Rogers
    • 30. The Incarnation Doctrine is Incoherent and Unlikely – Michael Martin
    • The Historical Reliability of the New Testament
    • 31. The Gospels are Reliable as Historically Factual Accounts – Stephen T. Davis
    • 32. The Gospels are Reliable as Memory and Testimony – Marcus Borg
    • The Historical Jesus
    • 33. The Christ of Faith is Not the Jesus of History – Stephen J. Patterson
    • 34. The Christ of Faith is the Jesus of History – Craig A. Evans
    • The Resurrection of Jesus
    • 35. Jesus Did Rise From the Dead – Gary Habermas
    • 36. Jesus Did Not Rise From the Dead – James Crossley
    • Only One Way to God?
    • 37. Jesus is the Only Way to God – Harold Netland
    • 38. There are Many Ways to God – Paul Knitter
    • Heaven and Hell
    • 39. It is Reasonable to Believe in Heaven and Hell – Jerry L. Walls
    • 40. It is Not Reasonable to Believe in Heaven and Hell – Keith Parsons
    • Index

Philosophy Of Religion

About JP Moreland

With degrees in philosophy, theology and chemisty, Dr. Moreland brings erudition, passion, and his distinctive ebullience to the end of loving God with all of one's mind. Moreland received his B.S. in Chemistry (with honors) from the University of Missouri, his M.A. in Philosophy (with highest honors) from the University of California, Riverside, his Th.M. in Theology (with honors) from Dallas Theological Seminary and his Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Southern California. Dr. Moreland has taught theology and philosophy at several schools throughout the U.S. He is currently Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at Biola University's Talbot School of Theology.