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Divine Motivation Theory

Linda T. Zagzebski (Cambridge University Press: August 2004), 410 pages.

Because she is widely regarded in the field of contemporary philosophy of religion, Linda Trinkaus Zagzebski’s latest book will be a major contribution to ethical theory and theological ethics. At the core of her work lies a new form of virtue theory based on the emotions. Distinct from deontological, consequentialist and teleological virtue theories, this theory has a particular theological Christian foundation. ~ Product Description • “Well-written and cogently argued, this is an important text… Agree or disagree with Zagzebski’s arguments, most readers will profit from this fine work.” ~ J.A. Colombo, University of San Diego

Table of Contents

    • 1    Constructing an ethical theory    3
    • 2    Making emotion primary    51
    • 3    Goods and virtues    96
    • 4    Acts and obligation    137
    • 5    The virtues of God    187
    • 6    The moral importance of the incarnation    228
    • 7    The paradoxes of perfect goodness    271
    • 8    The problem of evil    304
    • 9    Ideal observers, ideal agents, and moral diversity    347