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Does God Exist?

J.P. Moreland and Kai Nielsen (Prometheus Books : April, 1993), 320 pages.

In a lively debate, which includes questions from the audience, Christian philosopher and ethicist J.P. Moreland and Kai Neilsen, one of today’s best-known atheist philosophers, go head to head on the fundamental issues and questions that have shaped individual lives, races, and nations throughout history. The book is divided into three sections: (i) the transcriptof the oral debate on the existence of God between Christian philosopher J.P. Moreland and atheist philosopher Kai Nielsen; (ii) commentaries on the debate by two Christian philosophers (William Lane Craig and Dallas Willard) and two atheist philosophers (Antony Flew and Keith Parsons); and (iii) concluding thoughts by Moreland and Nielsen.

Table of Contents 

    • Preface
    • Introduction: Why Debate the Existence of God?    11
  • Pt. I    Does God Exist? The Formal Debate
    • 1    Yes! A Defense of Christianity    33
    • 2    No! A Defense of Atheism    48
    • 3    A Christian’s Rebuttal    55
    • 4    An Atheist’s Rebuttal    64
    • 5    Closing Arguments for Atheism    69
    • 6    Closing Arguments for Christianity    73
    • 7    Questions and Answers    76
  • Pt. II    Does It Matter That God Exists? The Debate Continued
    • 8    Ethics Without God    97
    • 9    Ethics Depend on God    111
    • 10    More Questions and Answers    127
  • Pt. III    What Do Others Think? Responses to the Debate
    • 11    In Defense of Rational Theism    139
    • 12    The Case for God Challenged    162
    • 13    Is There a Case for Christian Theism?    177
    • 14    Language, Being, God, and the Three Stages of Theistic Evidence    197
  • Pt. IV    What Would the Debaters Say? Some Closing Arguments
    • 15    Atheism and Leaky Buckets: The Christian Rope Pulls Tighter    221
    • 16    Defending Atheism Again: Remarks on God and Coherence    247
  • Pt. V    How Can I Decide for Myself? The Debate Made Personal
    • 17    The Choice of a Lifetime    287
    • Appendix: Facing the Specific Questions    293
    • Bibliography    308
    • Atheism
    • Christian Theism