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Early Modern Civil Discourses

Jennifer Richards, ed. (Palgrave Macmillan: Dec 5, 2003), 240 pages.

This collection explores the concept of civility in the early modern period. It addresses a range of writings in English and Scottish — among them, conduct manuals, colonial tracts, diaries, letters, dialogues, poetry, drama, chronicles — by English, Welsh and Scots men and women in and about the Atlantic archipelago. It explores the many meanings of civility in the early modern period; it recovers some of the lost associations of civility as well as the complex use of the adjectives "civil" and "barbarous" in cultural and colonial encounters. ~ Product Description

Table of Contents

    • Acknowledgements  
    • Note on Spelling Conventions   
    • Notes on the Contributors   
    • Introduction    1
    • 1    Civil Tongues: Language, Law and Reformation    19
    • 2    Of Marriage, Morals and Civility    35
    • 3    ‘Civilized with death’: Civility, Duelling and Honour in Elizabethan England    51
    • 4    ‘Words more than civil’: Republican Civility in Lucy Hutchinson’s ‘The Life of John Hutchinson’    68
    • 5    ‘When civil fury first grew high’: Politics and Incivility in Restoration England    85
    • 6    Shakespeare the Barbarian    99
    • 7    Tacitus and the Reform of Ireland in the 1590s    115
    • 8    Drama, Ireland and the Question of Civility    131
    • 9    Uncivil Monarchy: Scotland, England and the Reputation of James IV    146
    • 10    The Civility of Early Modern Welsh Women    162
    • 11    The Cultural Impact of the Massacre of St. Bartholomew’s Day    183
    • Index    200