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Faith and Criticism

Basil Mitchell (Oxford University Press: February 16, 1995), 184 pages.

Faith and Criticism addresses a central problem in the church today — the tension between traditionalists and progressives. Traditionalists want above all to hold fast to traditional foundations in belief and ensure that nothing of value is lost, even at the risk of a clash with “modern knowledge.” Progressives are concerned above all to proclaim a faith that is credible today, even at the risk of sacrificing some elements of traditional doctrine. They are often locked in uncomprehending conflict. Basil Mitchell argues that, not only in theology but in any other serious intellectual pursuit, faith and criticism are interdependent. A tradition which is not open to criticism will eventually ossify; and without faith in some established tradition criticism has nothing to fasten upon. This interdependence of faith and criticism has implications for society at large. Religious education can be Christian without ceasing to be critical, and a liberal society can espouse Christian values. ~ Product Description

Table of Contents

    • 1    Faith and Criticism: A Problem for Theology    1
    • 2    Faith and Criticism: The Problem Generalized    21
    • 3    Faith and Criticism as Interdependent    46
    • 4    Faith and Reason: A Problem in Navigation    67
    • 5    Faith and Rational Choice    88
    • 6    Christian Ethics: Traditionalists and Progressives    109
    • 7    Religious Education    131
    • 8    The Perils of ‘Pluralism’    151