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Faith, Rationality and the Passions

Sarah Coakley (Wiley-Blackwell: September 21, 2012), 270 pages.

Faith, Rationality and the Passions presents a fresh examination of the relation of religious faith, philosophical rationality and the passions, by bringing together the insights of leading scholars in philosophy, theology, history of science, psychology and neuroscience. The book re-examines some notable pre-modern accounts of the relation of passion, reason and faith, and from there goes on to overturn the widely-held presumption that it was the Enlightenment that was responsible for creating a gulf between reason and passion. Contributors reveal that the later creation of a stereotype of “Enlightenment reason” obscured the manifold differences and riches of thinking in a period in which ‘passions’ and ‘affections’ were viewed as significant, positive forces with which reason had to do, and ‘emotions’ were yet to be invented. Presenting innovative research on several fronts, the book argues that the separation between reason and passion is more truly the effect of the invention of the category of ‘emotion’ in the latter part of the 19th century, and contributions outline its striking difference from classic ideas of passion. In formulating this new approach, the book brings together the work of contemporary philosophers, theologians and scientists who creatively collaborate in their efforts to seek a new integration of belief, reason and ‘emotion’. ~ Back Cover

Table of Contents

  • Introduction: Faith, Rationality, and the Passions 1 SARAH COAKLEY
  • 1 Reason, Faith, and Meaning 13 CHARLES TAYLOR
  • 2 The Invention of Fanaticism 29 WILLIAM T. CAVANAUGH
  • 3 The Late Arrival of Language: Word, Nature, and the Divine in Plato’s Cratylus 41 CATHERINE PICKSTOCK
  • 4 Evagrius Ponticus and the Eastern Monastic Tradition on the Intellect and the Passions 67 COLUMBA STEWART, O.S.B.
  • 5 Tears and Weeping: An Augustinian View 81 PAUL J. GRIFFITHS
  • 6 The Non-Aristotelian Character of Aquinas’s Ethics: Aquinas on the Passions 91 ELEONORE STUMP
  • 7 Skeptical Detachment or Loving Submission to the Good? Reason, Faith, and the Passions in Descartes 107 JOHN COTTINGHAM
  • 8 Hume Versus Kant: Faith, Reason, and Feeling 117 JOHN MILBANK
  • 9 Kant, the Passions, and the Structure of Moral Motivation 139 JOHN HARE
  • 10 “The Monstrous Centaur”? Joseph De Maistre on Reason, Passion, and Violence 157 DOUGLAS HEDLEY
  • 11 Kierkegaard on Faith, Reason, and Passion 169 MEROLD WESTPHAL
  • 12 Revolting Passions 181 THOMAS DIXON
  • 13 Wittgenstein on Faith, Rationality, and the Passions 197 STEPHEN MULHALL
  • 14 Psychology and the Rationality of Emotion 209 GERALD L. CLORE
  • 15 The Neuroscience of Emotion and Reasoning in Social Contexts: Implications for Moral Theology 223 MICHAEL L. SPEZIO
  • 16 Intellectual Emotions and Religious Emotions 241 PETER GOLDIE
  • Postscript: What (if Anything) can the Sciences Tell Philosophy and Theology about Faith, Rationality, and the Passions? 251 SARAH COAKLEY
  • Index 257