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Faith With Reason

Paul Helm (Oxford University Press: Jun 15, 2000), 208 pages.

Religious faith is a complex phenomenon, admitting of even greater variations than Helm is able to discuss. Undoubtedly, those who choose to work through his book will be better equipped to negotiate religious faith’s subtleties and nuances. ~ The Philosophical Review This book will prove stimulating to anyone intrigued by the challenge of providing a coherent account of the nature and reasonableness of Christian faith. ~ Australasian Journal of Philosophy Faith with Reason is an excellent book, especially unique and recommendable because of the balanced way in which both the cognitive and the non-cognitive elements playing a role in religious belief and its justification are treated. ~ Ars Disputandi. Yet another welcome contribution to one of the liveliest debates in contemporary philosophy of religion … The style is simple, lucid and well-ordered. The arguments are persuasive, the criticisms of other veiws perceptive and fair … This book will commend itself to many different kinds of readers. Students will find it easily accessible, refreshingly free of jargon and unnecessary technicalities, well focused on the key issues. Professional philosophers in the field will find in it original arguments, and a freshness of approach to some well-worn issues. Religious Studies Contains a lot of sophisticated, intelligent, and subtle guidance around the subject. ~ Brian Davies, Times Literary Supplement

Table of Contents

    • Introduction
    • 1 Can Faith be Discussed? 1
    • 2 Faith and Foundationalism 21
    • 3 The Web of Belief 43
    • 4 Accumulated Evidence 66
    • 5 Belief and Believing 84
    • 6 ‘The Believer’ 102
    • 7 What Is It to Trust God? 119
    • 8 Faith and Virtue 139
    • 9 Faith and Self-reflection 158
    • Bibliography 179
    • Index 183