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Corey L. M. Keyes and Jonathan Haidt, eds. (American Psychological Association: January 2003), 368 pages.

Toward redirecting mainstream psychology’s focus from the disease model to the higher rungs of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs that have long informed humanistic psychology, the contributors to these 13 chapters participated in the first Summit of Positive Psychology held in 1999. Keyes (sociology, Emory U.) and Haidt (social psychology, U. of Virginia) introduce the rationale for studying fulfillment, morality, and other factors that make life worthwhile. Keyes and foreword writer Martin Seligman, a former APA president, were summit co-chairs. ~ Product Description

Table of Contents

    • Contributors
    • Acknowledgments
    • Foreword: The Past and Future of Positive Psychology
    • Introduction: Human Flourishing – The Study of That Which Makes Life Worthwhile    3
    • Ch. 1    Flourishing Under Fire: Resilience as a Prototype of Challenged Thriving    15
    • Ch. 2    Turning Points as Opportunities for Psychological Growth    37
    • Ch. 3    Optimism and Flourishing    55
    • Ch. 4    The Construction of Meaning Through Vital Engagement    83
    • Ch. 5    Personal Goals, Life Meaning, and Virtue: Wellsprings of a Positive Life    105
    • Ch. 6    Toward a Positive Psychology of Relationships    129
    • Ch. 7    Creativity and Genius    163
    • Ch. 8    Working, Playing, and Eating: Making the Most of Most Moments    185
    • Ch. 9    Well-Being in the Workplace and Its Relationship to Business Outcomes: A Review of the Gallup Studies    205
    • Ch. 10    Doing Well by Doing Good: Benefits for the Benefactor    227
    • Ch. 11    The Intermarriage of Wisdom and Selective Optimization With Compensation: Two Meta-Heuristics Guiding the Conduct of Life    249
    • Ch. 12    Elevation and the Positive Psychology of Morality    275
    • Ch. 13    Complete Mental Health: An Agenda for the 21st Century    293
    • Author Index    313
    • Subject Index    327
    • About the Editors    335