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God and Morality

John E. Hare (Wiley-Blackwell: July 2009), 320 pages.

God and Morality evaluates the ethical theories of four principle philosophers, Aristotle, Duns Scotus, Kant, and R.M. Hare and: Uses their thinking as the basis for telling the story of the history and development of ethical thought more broadly; Focuses specifically on their writings on virtue, will, duty, and consequence; Concentrates on the theistic beliefs to highlight continuity of philosophical thought. ~ Product Description • "This is a splendid history of philosophical ethics, with special interest in God’s presence and importance in that perennial enterprise, by one of the leading philosophers of ethics writing today. Hare tops off this surprising, exciting, and unorthodox history with an account of his own that collects together the best features of the theistic ethics of the past. God and Morality is written with crystal clarity and impressive scholarship." ~ Robert Roberts, Baylor University

Table of Contents

    • Introduction.
  • 1. Aristotle.
    • The School of Athens.
    • The Protretpicus.
    • God and Nous in Nicomachean Ethics Book I.
    • The First Sentence of the Nicomachean Ethics.
    • Heading towards the Good Virtue.
    • Larry Arnhart.
  • 2. Duns Scotus.
    • The Disputà.
    • Duns Scotus, Lectura.
    • The Two Affections of the Will.
    • Justice and God.
    • Scotus and Virtue.
    • Scotus and Particularity.
    • Jean-Paul Sartre.
  • 3. Immanuel Kant.
    • The Time Between.
    • Kant, Lectures on Ethics (Collins).
    • The Groundwork.
    • The Critique of Practical Reason.
    • Religion.
    • Metaphysics of Morals.
    • Christine Korsgaard.
  • 4. R. M. Hare.
    • The Time Between.
    • ”An Essay on Monism”.
    • The Language of Morals.
    • Freedom and Reason.
    • Moral Thinking.
    • Peter Singer.
  • 5. Combining the Theories.
    • The Goal of the Chapter.
    • Virtue Theory.
    • Command Theory.
    • Consequentialism.
    • Bibliography.
    • Index of Biblical References.
    • General Index.