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God’s Undertaker Has Science Buried God?

Intended to provide a basis for discussion, this captivating study evaluates the evidence of modern science in relation to the debate between the atheistic and theistic resource addresses such topics as the origin of life; the genetic code and its origin; the nature and scope of evolution; and the scope and limits of science. Gripping and thoroughly argued, it is an illuminating look at one of man’s greatest debates. This updated edition features 10 percent new content and a brand new forward from the author. ~ Product Description • "A brilliantly argued re-evaluation of the relation of science and religion, casting welcome new light on today’s major debates. A must-read for all reflecting on the greatest questions of life."  ~ Alister McGrath

Table of Contents

    • Preface 7
    • 1   War of the worldviews     15
    • 2   The Scope and limits of science     31
    • 3   Reduction, reduction, reduction…     47
    • 4   Designer universe?     58
    • 5   Designer biosphere?     78
    • 6   The nature and scope of evolution     100
    • 7   The origin of life     122
    • 8   The genetic code and its origin     135
    • 9   Matters of information     148
    • 10  The monkey machine     163
    • 11  The origin of information     174
    • 12  Violating nature? The legacy of David Hume     193
    • Epilogue     207
    • References     211
    • Index     222