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How Should We Live?

Louis Pojman’s new How Should We Live? is a concise and engaging text that offers a provocative discussion of the central questions and theories in moral philosophy. Crafted by one of contemporary philosophy’s most gifted teachers, it begins with a poignant meditation on Golding’s Lord of the Flies, a starting point for an eye-opening examination of central metaethical concepts such as relativism, objectivism, egoism, and whether or not religion is a necessity for morality. From there Pojman presents with even-handed consideration and in a readily accessible style the three most seminal ethical theories: utilitarianism, deontology, and virtue-based ethics. The book’s discussion culminates with a very timely exploration of the grounds for human rights in today’s increasingly global society. ~ Product Description

Table of Contents

    • Preface. Word to the Student.
    • 1.   Why do We Need Morality?
    • 2.   Why Should I Be Moral? Is the Good Good for you?
    • 3.   Who’s to Judge? Ethical Relativism.
    • 4.   The Case for Ethical Objectivism.
    • 5.   Religion and Ethics.
    • 6.   Utilitarianism.
    • 7.   Deontological Ethics: Intuitionism and Kantian Ethics.
    • 8.   Virtue-Based Ethical Theory.
    • 9.   Human Rights. Conclusion: How Should We Live?