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How to Argue Like Jesus

Joe Carter and John Coleman (Crossway: Jan 2009), 176 pages.

Uses Jesus’ words and actions found in the New Testament to systematically evaluate his rhetorical stylings, drawing real lessons from his teachings that today’s readers can employ. Jesus of Nazareth never wrote a book, held political office, or wielded a sword. He never gained sway with the mighty or influential. He never took up arms against the governing powers in Rome. He was a lower-class worker who died an excruciating death at the age of thirty-three. Yet, in spite of all odds — obscurity, powerlessness, and execution — his words revolutionized human history. How to Argue like Jesus examines the life and words of Jesus and describes the various ways in which he sought-through the spoken word, his life, and his disciples-to reach others with his message. The authors then pull some very simple rhetorical lessons from Jesus’ life that readers can use today. Both Christian and non-Christian leaders in just about any field can improve their ability to communicate effectively by studying the words and methods of history’s greatest communicator. ~ Book Description

Table of Contents

    • Acknowledgments   11
    • Introduction: Christ the Communicator   13 
    • 1   Pathos: Emotional Jesus   17
    • 2   Logos: Jesus the Logician   43
    • 3   Ethos: Jesus as Shepherd, Savior, Teacher, and Friend   65
    • 4   Narrative and Imagery: The Story and Stories of a Savior   85
    • 5   Discipleship: Spreading and Sustaining the Message   105
    • 6   Heavenly Heuristics: Rhetoric’s Rules of Thumb   123
    • 7   Case Studies   145
    • Glossary   161
    • Scripture Index   165
    • General Index   169