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In Defense of Miracles

R. Douglas Geivet and Gary R. Habermas, eds. (InterVarsity Press, February 1997), 330p.

Geivett and Habermas have collected some of the best available scholars around today to present a case for the actions of God in human history. The book begins with David Hume’s work on miracles along with a response from Antony Flew (the eminent Humean scholar). Then, a barrage of Christian philosophers and theologians tackle the issue of miracles in each chapter. Some of the chapter titles include – “Defining Miracles” (Richard Purtill), “Miracles and the Modern Mind” (Norman L. Geisler), “History and Miracles” (Francis J. Beckwith), “Recognizing a Miracle” (Winfried Corduan), “Science, Miracles, Agency Theory, & the God-of-the-Gaps” (J.P. Moreland), “The Evidential Value of Miracles” (Douglas Geivett), “Miracles in the World Religions” (David K. Clark), “The Incarnation of Jesus Christ” (John S. Feinberg), “The Empty Tomb of Jesus” (William Lane Craig), “The Resurrection Appearances of Jesus” (Gary R. Habermas), and more.

Table of Contents

    • Introduction / R. Douglas Geivett and Gary R. Habermas
  • Part 1: The Case Against Miracles
    • 1. Of Miracles / David Hume
    • 2. Neo-Humean Arguments About the Miraculous / Antony Flew
  • Part 2: The Possibility of Miracles
    • 3. Defining Miracles / Richard L. Purtill
    • 4. Miracles & the Modern Mind / Norman L. Giesler
    • 5. History & Miracles / Francis J. Beckwith
    • 6. Recognizing a Miracle / Winfried Corduan
  • Part 3: A Theistic Context for Miracles
    • 7. Miracles & Conceptual Systems / Ronald H. Nash
    • 8. Science, Miracles, Agency Theory & the God-of-the-Gaps / J. P. Moreland
    • 9. God’s Existence / W. David Beck
    • 10. God’s Actions / Stephen T. Davis
    • 11. The Evidential Value of Miracles / R. Douglas Geivett
  • Part 4: Christian Miracles–Case Studies
    • 12. Miracles in the World Religions / David K. Clark
    • 13. Fulfilled Prophecy as Miracle / Robert C. Newman
    • 14. The Incarnation of Jesus Christ / John S. Feinberg
    • 15. The Empty Tomb of Jesus / William Lane Craig
    • 16. The Resurrection Appearances of Jesus / Gary R. Habermas
    • Conclusion: Has God Acted in History? / R. Douglas Geivett and Gary R. Habermas
  • Appendix
    • Notes
    • Bibliography
    • List of Contributors