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Introducing Philosophy of Religion

Chad Meister (Routledge: Mar 2009), 246 pages. Companion to the Reader.

Does God exist? What about evil and suffering? How does faith relate to science? Is there life after death? These questions fascinate everyone and lie at the heart of philosophy of religion. Chad Meister offers an up-to-date introduction to the field, focussing not only on traditional debates but also on contemporary concepts such as the intelligent creator. Key topics, such as divine reality and the self and religious experience, are discussed in relation to different faiths. The wealth of textbook features, including tables of essential information, questions for reflection, summaries, glossary and recommendations for further reading make the book ideal for student use. Along with its accompanying Reader, this is the perfect introductory package for undergraduate philosophy of religion courses. ~ Product Description

Table of Contents

    • List of illustrations
    • Introduction     1
    • 1 Religion and the philosophy of religion     5
    • 2 Religious diversity and pluralism     23
    • 3 Conceptions of ultimate reality     45
    • 4 Cosmological arguments for God’s existence     65
    • 5 Teleological arguments for God’s existence     91
    • 6 Ontological arguments for God’s existence     111
    • 7 Problems of evil     127
    • 8 Science, faith, and reason     147
    • 9 Religious experience     169
    • 10 The self, death and the afterlife     189
    • Glossary     209
    • Notes     217
    • Index     237