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Introspection Vindicated

Gregg A. Ten Elshof (Ashgate Publishing: May 2005), 108 pages.

In a naive sense it seems that there could be nothing simpler than to "know thyself" yet a philosophical elucidation of the process by which one comes to know oneself is quite elusive. In this book Gregg Ten Elshof deals with the epistemology of introspection; whether and to what extent self-knowledge can appropriately be thought of as a species of perception. Assessing the suggestion that we, at least sometimes, come to acquire significant knowledge about ourselves, by observation, in very much the same way that we sometimes come to know things about the external world; this book explains the perceptual/observational model of introspection and contrasts it with its more prominent competitors. Ten Elshof examines in detail rival conceptions of the epistemology of self-knowledge such as those proposed by Searle, Dennett and Lyons yet concludes by insisting that the arguments levelled against the perceptual/observational view have not been decisive and that it deserves to be taken seriously as a viable competing model. ~ Product Description

Table of Contents

    • 1    Preliminaries    1
    • 2    The perceptual model of introspection    20
    • 3    Contemporary arguments against PMI    35
    • 4    Sydney Shoemaker    51
    • 5    Knowledge of the self    80
    • 6    The beginnings of a positive account    88