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Is Believing in God Irrational?

Amy Orr-Ewing (IVP Books: Oct 2008), 141 pages.

Amy has done it again. She writes a quick read based on current questions she gathers from her discussions and presentations to today’s young people. She is a battle tested question taker in the current of scholastic ideas coming from today’s students. Some questions are hostile, some are thoughtful, and some are old objections in new clothes. Her book manages to include her encounters with people and then she offers rational, thoughtful and experientially relevant answers to the posed questions. She takes on the new hardline atheism when they say God is just a disease of the mind to be expelled so its danger does not affect our culture. Her book is easy to read and not a million pages of analytical philosophy. It is very popular and relevant. I would recommend any person from the age 18 to 30 to sit with her and pose her questions. This book is the next best thing. My recommendation to Amy is to get working on her next little but substantial book and someday these will be an anthology for this generation and the next. When Ravi Zacharias’ work is over, Amy and her collegues will continue. In summary — affordable price, easy read, substantial content, and gets at current questions youth are deep down asking but don’t know who to ask. ~ Mark J. Armstrong @

Table of Contents

    • Foreword Ravi Zacharias Zacharias, Ravi 7
    • Introduction 11
    • 1   What About Other People’s Genuine Experience of God? 15
    • 2   Your "Experience of God" Is Delusional, Not Real 29
    • 3   Your Relationship with God Is Just a Psychological Crutch! 43
    • 4   How Can You Say You Have Found the Truth If You Haven’t Tried All the Alternatives? 55
    • 5   If Christianity Is About Relationship with God, Why Does He Let Bad Things Happen to His Friends? 65
    • 6   If Christianity Is About a Transforming Relationship with God, Why Are Christians So Bad? 83
    • 7   If God Is So Loving and Relational, Why Did He Go Ahead and Create When He Knew People Would End Up in Hell? 93
    • 8   Belief in God Is Dangerous 103
    • 9   I Used to Believe, but I’ve Given It All Up 117
    • 10   How Can I Know? 129
    • Notes 135