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Is God A Delusion?

Eric Reitan (Wiley-Blackwell: Dec 3, 2008), 256 pages.

Atheism—and contra-atheism—is a much overpublished topic, and Reitan, a professor of philosophy at Oklahoma State University, is late to the party. Nonetheless, he makes an elegantly argued response to Christopher Hitchens et al. that is refreshing in several respects. Neither polemical nor defensive, he writes primarily as a logician, rather than a believer. He brings into the contemporary fray many philosophers who reasoned well about God long ago: Anselm, Aquinas, Leibniz, Schleiermacher. He explains so many arguments so clearly that the book could function as an introductory philosophical text on the perennial subject of God’s existence. He also looks squarely in the face of the contemporary horrors that many have used to argue for God’s non-existence and still comes off the theodicy battleground with a sense of God as ethico-religious hope, the substance of things hoped for. The clarity of his presentation should make this book useful after atheism has finished its moment in the sun. ~ Publishers Weekly

Table of Contents

    • Introduction     1
    • 1. On Religion and Equivocation     14
    • 2. "The God Hypothesis" and the Concept of God     35
    • 3. Divine Tyranny and the Goodness of God     58
    • 4. Science, Transcendence, and Meaning     76
    • 5. Philosophy and God’s Existence, Part I     101
    • 6. Philosophy and God’s Existence, Part II     120
    • 7. Religious Consciousness     140
    • 8. The Substance of Things Hoped For     164
    • 9. Evil and the Meaning of Life     187
    • 10. The Root of All Evil?     208
    • Notes
    • References
    • Index