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Jesus and Philosophy

Paul K. Moser, ed. (Cambridge University Press: Oct 20, 2008), 248 pages.

What, if anything, does Jesus of Nazareth have to do with philosophy? This question motivates this collection of new essays from leading theologians, philosophers, and biblical scholars. Part I portrays Jesus in his first-century intellectual and historical context, attending to intellectual influences and contributions and contemporaneous similar patterns of thought. Part II examines how Jesus influenced two of the most prominent medieval philosophers. It considers the seeming conceptual shift from Hebraic categories of thought to distinctively Greco-Roman ones in later Christian philosophers. Part III considers the significance of Jesus for some prominent contemporary philosophical topics, including epistemology and the meaning of life. The focus is not so much on how “Christianity” figures in such topics as on how Jesus makes distinctive contributions to such topics. ~ Product Description

Table of Contents

    • Introduction: Jesus and philosophy » Paul K. Moser
  • Part I. Jesus in His First-Century Context
    • 1. Jesus: sources and self-understanding » Craig A. Evans
    • 2. Sipping from the cup of wisdom » James L. Crenshaw
    • 3. The Jesus of the Gospels and philosophy » Luke T. Johnson
    • 4. Paul, the mind of Christ, and philosophy » Paul W. Gooch
  • Part II. Jesus in Medieval Philosophy
    • 5. Jesus and Augustine » Gareth B. Matthews
    • 6. Jesus and Aquinas » Brian Leftow
  • Part III. Jesus in Contemporary Philosophy
    • 7. The epistemology of Jesus: an initial investigation » William J. Abraham
    • 8. Paul Ricoeur: a biblical philosopher on Jesus » David F. Ford
    • 9. Jesus and forgiveness » Nicholas Wolterstorff
    • 10. Jesus Christ and the meaning of life » Charles Taliaferro.