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Jesus and the God of Israel

Richard Bauckham (Eerdmans: Nov 29, 2008), 285 pages.

Eerdmans Publishing Company is pleased to present the highly anticipated expanded edition of Richard Bauckhams God Crucified. Surprising and provocative in its debut – though always historically and theologically responsible – this book helped to redirect the debate on early Christology. Praise for the first edition: Richard Bauckham writes clearly and argues his case carefully. … He presents an original, immensely exciting, and promising account of NT Christology. … His presentation reflects some of the very best recent work in theology. ~ Pro Ecclesia | Bauckham proposes a clearly superior way of reading the evidence about the relationship between the New Testaments claims about Jesus identity and the identity of God as understood within the context of Second Temple Judaism. – Books & Culture God Crucified displays the craft of both a careful exegete and a deft theologian as Bauckham explores the riddle of how the radically monotheistic Jews who composed the earliest church could have come to call Jesus Lord. … Bauckhams Christology of divine identity offers a proper way to understand the New Testament within its Jewish monotheistic context by including Jesus, cross and all, within the unique identity of Israels God. ~ Theology Today

Table of Contents

    • 1 God Crucified 1
    • 2 Biblical Theology and the Problems of Monotheism 60
    • 3 The ‘Most High’ God and the Nature of Early Jewish Monotheism 107
    • 4 The Worship of Jesus in Early Christianity 127
    • 5 The Throne of God and the Worship of Jesus 152
    • 6 Paul’s Christology of Divine Identity 182
    • 7 The Divinity of Jesus in the Letter to the Hebrews 233
    • 8 God’s Self-Identification with the Godforsaken in the Gospel of Mark 254
    • Index of Scripture, Apocrypha and Old Testament Pseudepigrapha 273