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Knowledge, Truth, and Duty

Matthias Steup, ed. (Oxford University Press: March 2001), 272 pages.

This volume gathers eleven new and three previously unpublished essays that take on questions of epistemic justification, responsibility, and virtue. It contains the best recent work in this area by major figures such as Ernest Sosa, Robert Audi, Alvin Goldman, and Susan Haak.Topics in this book include: 1. Whether we have voluntary control over what we believe. 2. Whether the issue of voluntary control is relevant to epistemic justification. 3. And the relationship between issues 1 and 2 to the analysis of knowledge. ~ Product Description

Table of Contents

    • Epistemic Duty and the IMormativity of Justification     21
    • Epistemic and Moral Duty     34
    • Epistemic Justification and Normativity     49
    • Deciding to Believe     63
    • Voluntary Belief and Epistemic Evaluation     77
    • Internalism Exposed     115
    • Epistemic Duty Evidence and Internality     135
    • Truth as the Epistemic Goal      151
    • Value Monism in Epistemology     170
    • Reflective Knowledge in the Best Circles     187
    • Commonsensism in Ethics and Epistemology     204
    • Knowing People     221
    • Recovering Understanding     235
    • Index     253