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Naturalism: A Critical Analysis

William Lane Craig and J.P. Moreland (Routledge: Oct 17, 2000), 296 pages.

Craig and Moreland present a rigorous analysis and critique of the major varieties of contemporary philosophical naturalism and advocate that it should be abandoned in light of the serious difficulties raised against it. The contributors draw on a wide range of topics including: epistemology, philosophy of science, value theory to basic analytic ontology, philosophy of mind and agency, and natural theology. “This book provides a good introduction to work by some contemporary American theistic philosophers of religion. Moreover, it gives clear expression to the recent resurgence in polemical Christian philosophy of religion in American academic philosophy.” ~ Australian Journal of Philosophy

Table of Contents

    • Preface
  • Epistemology
    • 1. Farewell to Philosophical Naturalism, Paul Moser & David Yandell
    • 2. Knowledge and Naturalism, Dallas Willard
    • 3. The Incompatibility of Naturalism and Scientific Realism, Robert Koons
  • Ontology
    • 4. Naturalism and the Ontological Status of Properties, J.P. Moreland
    • 5. Naturalism and Material Objects, Michael Rea
    • 6. Naturalism and the Mind, Charles Taliaferro
    • 7. Naturalism and Libertarian Agency, Stewart Goetz
  • Value Theory
    • 8. Naturalism and Morality, John Hare
  • Natural Theology
    • 9. Naturalism and Cosmology, William Lane Craig
    • 10. Naturalism and Design, William Dembski
  • List of Contributors