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On Pascal

Douglas Groothuis (Wadsworth: June 2002), 96 pages.

On Pascal, like other titles in the Wadsworth Philosopher’s Series, offers a concise, yet comprehensive, introduction to this philosopher’s most important ideas. Presenting the most important insights of well over a hundred seminal philosophers in both the Eastern and Western traditions, the Wadsworth Philosophers Series contains volumes written by scholars noted for their excellence in teaching and for their well-versed comprehension of each featured philosopher’s major works and contributions. These titles have proven valuable in a number of ways. Serving as standalone texts when tackling a philosophers’ original sources or as helpful resources for focusing philosophy students’ engagements with these philosopher’s often conceptually daunting works, these titles have also gained extraordinary popularity with a lay readership and quite often serve as “refreshers” for philosophy instructors. ~ Publisher’s Description

Table of Contents

    • Preface
    • 1    Pascal: Known and Unknown    1
    • 2    A Short Life of Pascal    7
    • 3    Scientist and Philosopher of Science    16
    • 4    Theological Controversy    26
    • 5    The Character and Plan of the Pensees    36
    • 6    God: To Prove or Not to Prove?    44
    • 7    Skepticism and the Hidden God    50
    • 8    Deposed Royalty    61
    • 9    Wagering a Life on God    75
    • 10    Christ, Spirituality, and the Meaning of Life    89
    • Bibliography    96