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Philosophy of Religion Classic and Contemporary Issues

A comprehensive and authoritative overview of the most important ideas and arguments in this resurgent field. The text moves beyond the borders of Western theism to more accurately reflect the nature of the twenty-first-century world. Featuring eighteen original essays from leading scholars, this collection offers a wide variety of viewpoints for a well balanced perspective on both traditional and cutting-edge topics in philosophy of religion. Designed for course use, this accessible text includes study questions and annotated further reading lists to stimulate reflection and provide opportunities for deeper exploration of the fundamental questions of the nature of religion.

Table of Contents

    • Notes on Contributors vii
    • Introduction 1
  • Religious Experience and Knowledge       7
    • The Epistemology of Religious Experience » William E. Mann      9
    • Religion and Science »  John Polkinghorne     23
    • Reformed Epistemology » Rene van Woudenberg     37
    • Religious Pluralism » Joseph Runzo     51
    • Religious Exclusivism » Harold Netland     67
  • The Existence of God     81
    • The Cosmological Argument » William Lane Craig      83
    • The Teleological Argument » Robin Collins     98
    • The Ontological Argument »  Graham Oppy     112
    • The Moral Argument » Paul Copan      127
    • The Argument from Evil » Paul Draper     142
    • A Naturalistic Account of the Universe » Quentin Smith     156
  • The Nature and Attributes of God     171
    • The Coherence of Theism » Charles Taliaferro     173
    • The Impossibility of God? » Robin Le Poidevin     188
    • God, Time, and Freedom » Katherin A. Rogers     202
    • Divine Hiddenness, Death, and Meaning » Paul K. Moser     215
  • Emerging Themes 229
    • Continental Philosophy of Religion » Bruce Ellis Benson     231
    • Eastern Philosophy of Religion » Gavin Flood     245
    • Feminist Philosophy of Religion » Pamela Sue Anderson     261
    • Leading Philosophers of Religion     274
    • Index      277

Philosophy Of Religion
Religious Knowledge

About Paul Copan

Paul Copan is Pledger Family Chair of Philosophy and Ethics at Palm Beach Atlantic University in West Palm Beach, Florida. He has authored and edited a variety of books including Loving Wisdom: Christian Philosophy of Religion (2007), The Rationality of Theism (with Paul Moser, 2003), and Creation out of Nothing (with William Lane Craig, 2004).