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Reason and Religious Belief

Michael Peterson, William Hasker, Bruce Reichenbach, and David Basinger (Oxford University Press: November 2002), 326 pages.

What is the status of belief in God? Must a rational case be made or can such belief be properly basic? Is it possible to reconcile the concept of a good God with evil and suffering? In light of great differences among religions, can only one religion be true? The most comprehensive work of its kind, Reason and Religious Belief, now in its third edition, explores these and other perennial questions in the philosophy of religion. Drawing from the best in both classical and contemporary discussions, the authors examine religious experience, faith and reason, theistic arguments, the problem of evil, Reformed epistemology, miracles, and religious language. They also treat subjects not often included in competing texts, such as process theism, religious pluralism, religion and science, and the relationship between religion and morality. The third edition retains the engaging style and thorough coverage of previous editions and also takes into account the latest contributions in the field by such thinkers as Plantinga, Alston, Martin, Murphy, Dembski, M. Adams, and Swinburne. Integrating a variety of perspectives, it adds a chapter on the openness of God debate, several sections on feminist concerns, and frequent comparisons of how Eastern religions compare with Western theism. A sophisticated yet accessible introduction, Reason and Religious Belief is ideally suited for use with the authors’ companion anthology, Philosophy of Religion: Selected Readings (OUP, 2000). ~ Product Description

Table of Contents

    • Preface to the Third Edition
    • Preface to the Second Edition
    • Preface to the First Edition
    • Introduction    1
    • 1    Thinking About God: The Search for the Ultimate    5
    • 2    Religious Experience: What Does it Mean to Encounter the Divine?    15
    • 3    Faith and Reason: How are they Related?    39
    • 4    The Divine Attributes: What is God Like?    58
    • 5    Theistic Arguments: Is there Evidence for God’s Existence?    77
    • 6    Knowing God Without Arguments: Does Theism Need a Basis?    107
    • 7    The Problem of Evil: The Case Against God’s Existence    128
    • 8    Divine Action: How Does God Relate to the World?    154
    • 9    Miracles: Does God Intervene in Earthly Affairs?    173
    • 10    Life After Death: Are there Reasons for Hope?    194
    • 11    Religious Language: How Can we Speak Meaningfully of God?    220
    • 12    Religion and Science: Compatible or Incompatible?    246
    • 13    Religious Diversity: How Can we Understand Differences Among Religions?    267
    • 14    Religious Ethics: The Relation of God to Morality    289
    • 15    The Continuing Quest: God and the Human Venture    311
    • Name Index    319
    • Subject Index    322