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Reconciling All Things

Emmanuel Katongole and Chris Rice (InterVarsity Press: Nov 2008), 165 pages.

This book inaugurates the Resources for Reconciliation series, a joint venture of the publisher and Duke Divinity Schoola’s Center for Reconciliation. The two authors, codirectors of the center, bring perspectives that pair perfectly: Catholic and evangelical Protestant, African and American, academic and practitioner, ordained and lay. Each also brings powerful life experience in confronting oppression and injustice: Katongole grew up under Ugandan dictator Idi Amin and lived near the Rwandan genocide. After growing up a missionary kid in South Korea, Rice worked for 17 years in an urban ministry in Jackson, Miss. Against a background of difference, the two argue for a vision of reconciliation that is neither trendy nor pragmatically diplomatic, neither cheaply inclusive nor heedless of the past. The reconciliation they explain and hold out hope for is distinctively Christian: a God-ordained transformation of the consequences of the fall into the new creation spoken about by the apostle Paul. Deeply theological, this short book needs slow reading by anyone interested in harnessing the power of the spirit for social change. ~ Publishers Weekly

Table of Contents

    • Series Preface 9
    • Introduction 11
    • 1   Prevailing Visions of Reconciliation 21
    • 2   Stepping Back: Reconciliation as the Goal of God’s Story 39
    • 3   Reconciliation Is a Journey with God 47
    • 4   How Scripture Reshapes Us 57
    • 5   The Discipline of Lament 75
    • 6   Hope in a Broken World 95
    • 7   Why Reconciliation Needs the Church 109
    • 8   The Heart, Spirit and Life of Leadership 123
    • Epilogue: Going the Long Haul 143
    • Recovering Reconciliation as the Mission of God: Ten Theses 147
    • Acknowledgments 153
    • Recommended Resources 155
    • Notes 159
    • About the authors 161
    • About the Duke Divinity School Center for Reconciliation 163
    • About Resources for Reconciliation 167