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Religion And Morality

William J. Wainwright (Ashgate Publishing: May 2005), 264 pages.

Covering a broad range of topics, this book draws on both historical and contemporary literature, and explores afresh central issues of morality and religion offering new insights for students, academics and the general reader interested in philosophy and religion. • "It is well-written, cogent, the analyses were informative and detailed (but not so detailed they’d put you to sleep) and the arguments rigorous, clear and cogent. … Wainwright is a top notch Kant scholar, and you can see he has a passion for the man’s work when he discusses Kant’s argument for the existence of God. The arguments are so clear, so simple, and he defends them so well, I’m almost tempted to write in the margins ‘QED’. I really thought Wainwright shed new light on this subject, and pulled effectively from other scholars who have done work on it. The same is true of his analysis of the argument from the phenomenology of conscience. His presentation, his analysis of possible objections and his counter-arguments are like water, this way truth lies. ~ Plantinganut at

Table of Contents

    • 1    The nineteenth-century background    3
    • 2    Kant, God, and immortality    6
    • 3    Newman and the argument from conscience    28
    • 4    The argument from the objectivity of value    49
    • 5    The Euthyphro problem    73
    • 6    Two recent divine command theories    84
    • 7    Objections to divine command theory    106
    • 8    The case for divine command theory    124
    • 9    Religious ethics and rational morality    147
    • 10    Abraham and the binding of Isaac    180
    • 11    Mysticism and morality    209