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Resurrection The Capstone in the Arch of Christianity

In this definitive work, popular Christian apologist Hank Hanegraaff offers a detailed defense of the Resurrection, the singularly most important event in history and the foundation upon which Christianity is built. Using the acronym F.E.A.T., the author examines the four distinctive, factual evidences of Christ’s resurrection-Fatal torment, Empty tomb, Appearances, and Transformation-making the case for each in a memorable way that believers can readily use in their own defense of the faith. Hanegraaff addresses a number of questions: 1) Will we really have tangible, physical bodies in the resurrection? 2) If heaven is perfect, won’t it be perfectly boring? 3) Are reincarnation and resurrection mutually exclusive?

Table of Contents  

    • Foreword  xi
    • Acknowledgments  xiii
    • Before You Begin  xv
    • Charting the Course  xix
  • Part One: Defense of the Resurrection of Christ
    • 1. Mythologies  3
    • 2. Fatal Torment  17
    • 3. Empty Tomb  27
    • 4. Appearances of Christ  35
    • 5. Transformation  55
  • Part Two: Defense of the Resurrection of Creation
    • 6. Physical Resurrection of Believers to Eternal Life  65
    • 7. Physical Resurrection of Unbelievers to Eternal Torment  75
    • 8. Physical "Resurrection" of the Cosmos  85
  • Part Three: Definitive Answers to Questions Regarding Resurrection
    • 9. Physicality: Was Christ’s Physical Body Resurrected from the Dead or Did He Rise an Immaterial Spirit?  95
    • 10. Soul: Does the Soul Continue to Exist after the Death of the Body?  101
    • 11. Timing: Do Believers Receive Resurrected Bodies When They Die or When Christ Returns?  109
    • 12. Boring: If Heaven Is Perfect, Won’t It Be Perfectly Boring?  115
    • 13. Animals: Will GodRaise Pets and Platypuses from the Dead?  119
    • 14. Reincarnation: Are Reincarnation and Resurrection Mutually Exclusive?  123
    • 15. Cremation: Is Cremation Commensurate with the Christian Concept of Resurrection?  129
    • 16. Age: Will We Be Resurrected at the Same Age That We Died?  133
    • 17. Sex: Will There Be Sex after the Resurrection?  137
    • 18. Rewards: What about Rewards in the Resurrection?  143
  • Epilogue  157
    • Appendix A—Receiving the Resurrected Redeemer  161
    • Appendix B—Resurrection of Christ  169
    • Appendix C—Resurrection of Creation  203
    • Endnotes  223
    • Bibliography  259
    • Scripture Index  271
    • Subject Index