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Scaling the Secular City

J.P. Moreland (Baker Academic: Jun 1, 1987), 288 pages.

Moreland’s work must be considered one of the premier works on apologetics written by an evangelical. Although William Lane Craig is probably now worthy to be called the dean of evangelical apologists, Moreland’s volume from the 1980s still stands alone as the best single volume in dealing with challenges to the Christian faith. This is due in large part to two factors: the format of the book and Moreland’s concise way in handling the issues under discussion. ~ Shannon Richie … “No evangelical now writing on apologetics surpasses Moreland in philosophical ability. Every person who intends to speak for Christ to the contemporary mind should master the content and spirit of this book.” ~ Dallas Willard, University of Southern California.

Table of Contents

    • Foreward  9
    • Acknowledgments  10
    • Introduction  11
  • 1. The Cosmological Argument  15
    • Forms of the Argument
    • Statement of the Argument
    • Defense of the Kalam Argument
  • 2. The Design Argument  43
    • Different Kinds of Design
    • Different Form of Design Arguments
    • Criticisms of the Argument(s)
  • 3. God and the Argument from Mind  77
    • Arguments for Dualism
    • The Origins of Mind
  • 4. God and the Meaning of Life  105
    • Metaethics and the Meaning of Moral Statements
    • Reasons for Being Moral
    • Four Views of the Meaning of Life
  • 5. The Historicity of the New Testament  133
    • General Tests for Historicity
    • The Presence of Eyewitnesses
    • The Gospels and Jewish Oral Tradition
    • Marks of Historicity
    • The Time Factor
  • 6. The Resurrection of Jesus  159
    • The Empty Tomb
    • The Resurrection Appearance
    • Four Key Features of the Early Church
    • Hellenistic Influences
  • 7. Science and Christianity  185
    • The Debate About Scientific Realism
    • The Limits of Science
    • Models of Integrating Science and Theology
    • Creation and Evolution
  • 8. Four Final Issues  225
    • The Visibility of God
    • God as a Psychological Projection
    • Religious Experience
    • Moral Relativism
    • Conclusion  249
    • Index  269