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Scientific Explanation and Religious Belief

Michael G. Parker and Thomas M. Schmidt (Paul Mohr Verlag: October 2005), 170 pages.

The science-and-religion dialogue has become an established part of the wider cultural conversation about the respective roles of science and religion within democratic societies. By reflecting on the matrix of science, religion and politics, this volume constitutes a major contribution to the science-and-religion dialogue. It is not only required reading for philosophers, scientists and theologians, but will be of interest to all those engaged in the larger cultural conversation about the relationship between science and religion. ~ Product Description

Table of Contents

    • Religion in the Public Sphere   30
    • The Resilience of Religion in Secular Social   58
    • Warrant Defeaters and the Epistemic Basis of Religious   81
    • Is Theology Possible at the End of Modernity?   99
    • Scientism and Theism   115
    • Historical versus Structural Understanding and the Fate   165
    • Contributors   181
    • Index of Subjects   187
    • Copyright