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Scripture and the Authority of God

N.T. Wright (HarperOne: March 1, 2011), 224 pages.

But what does scripture say?” That question has echoed through a thousand debates in the life of the worldwide church. All churches have officially endorsed strong statements about the centrality of scripture and its authority in their mission, life, doctrine, and discipline. But there is no agreement on what this might mean or how it might work in practice. Individuals and churches struggle with how to respond to issues such as war, homosexuality, and abortion, and especially how to interpret biblical passages that discuss these topics. These disagreements often serve to undermine our confidence in the authority of the Bible. Bishop and Bible scholar N. T. Wright delivers a new model for how to understand the place of scripture and God’s authority in the midst of religious confusion. Wright gives new life to the old, tattered doctrine of the authority of scripture, delivering a fresh, helpful, and concise statement on how to read the Bible today, restoring scripture as a place to find God’s voice. In this revised and expanded edition of the previously titled book The Last Word, Wright provides two case studies that delve into what it means to keep Sabbath and how Christians can defend marital monogamy. These studies offer not only bold biblical insights but also showcase Wright’s new model for how to interpret scripture and restore its role as the church’s main resource for teaching and guidance. Removing the baggage that the last 100 years of controversy and confusion have placed on this doctrine, Wright renews our confidence in the Bible and shows how it can once again serve as the living Word of God for our lives. ~ Product Description

Table of Contents

    • Preface to the American Edition  ix
    • Prologue  1
    • Chapter 1. By Whose Authority?  21
    • Chapter 2. Israel and God’s Kingdom-People  33
    • Chapter 3. Scripture and Jesus  41
    • Chapter 4. The "Word of God" in the Apostolic Church  47
    • Chapter 5. The First Sixteen Centuries  61
    • Chapter 6. The Challenge of the Enlightenment  83
    • Chapter 7. Misreadings of Scripture  107
    • Chapter 8. How to Get Back on Track  115
    • Chapter 9. Case Study: Sabbath  143
    • Chapter 10. Case Study: Monogamy  175
    • Apendix: Recent Resources on Scripture  197
    • Scripture Index  201
    • Subject Index  203