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The Art of God

Ric Ergenbright (Tyndale House: Oct 1, 1999), 160 pages.

Renowned landscape photographer Ric Ergenbright here turns his attention to the holiness reflected in the beauty of the natural world. Combining scriptural passages with photographic and scientific observations relating to the elements of nature, Ergenbright uses his dramatic, often astonishing photographs as a testament to the power and perfection of God. Though he recognizes that “if all Scripture were lost, we could still know something of [God’s] character by carefully studying the works of his hands,” Ergenbright uses the book to emphasize how God’s Word can illuminate the world around us. This beautiful coffee-table book is a wonderful addition to any nature-lover’s collection, and the detailed notes throughout are an education to any aspiring photographer.

Table of Contents

    • Foreword     11
    • Introduction     13
    • Elements     19
    • Design     47
    • Environments     89
    • Ebb & Flow     123
    • Notes     151