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The Darwinian Revolution

Michael Ruse (University of Chicago Press: Jan 1999), 368 pages.

Originally published in 1979, The Darwinian Revolution was the first comprehensive and readable synthesis of the history of evolutionary thought. Though the years since have seen an enormous flowering of research on Darwin and other nineteenth-century scientists concerned with evolution, as well as the larger social and cultural responses to their work, The Darwinian Revolution remains remarkably current and stimulating. For this edition Michael Ruse has written a new afterword that takes into account the research published since his book’s first appearance. "It is difficult to believe that yet another book on Darwin and the Darwinian Revolution could add anything new or contain any surprises. Ruse’s book is an exception on all counts. Darwin scholars and the general reader alike can learn from it." ~ David L. Hull, Nature

Table of Contents

    • Prologue
    • Acknowledgments
    • 1    Background to the Problem    3
    • 2    British Society and the Scientific Community    16
    • 3    Beliefs: Geological, Philosophical, and Religious    36
    • 4    The Mystery of Mysteries    75
    • 5    Ancestors and Archetypes    94
    • 6    On the Eve of the Origin    132
    • 7    Charles Darwin and the Origin of Species    160
    • 8    After the Origin: Science    202
    • 9    After the Origin: Philosophy, Religion, and Politics    234
    • 10    Overview and Analysis    268
    • Notes    275
    • Bibliography    285
    • Index    312