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The Divine Lawmaker

John Foster (Oxford University Press: Mar 25, 2004), 202 pages.

John Foster presents a clear and powerful discussion of a range of topics relating to our understanding of the universe: induction, laws of nature, and the existence of God. He begins by developing a solution to the problem of induction — a solution that involves the postulation of laws of nature, as forms of natural necessity. He then offers a radically new account of the nature of such laws and the distinctive kind of necessity they involve. Finally, he uses this account as the basis for an argument for the existence of God as the creator of the laws and the universe they govern. The Divine Lawmaker is bold and original in its approach, and rich in argument. ~ Product Description • "John Foster… uses his philosophical background to analyze the question of the rationality of belief in God as a causal agent for nature’s regularities… Foster is writing for the philosophically literate; The Divine Lawmaker will appeal to the specialist and professional philosopher of science or religion…" ~ Science & Theology News

Table of Contents

    • Lecture 1    The Problem of Induction    1
    • Lecture 2    Some Attempted Solutions    17
    • Lecture 3    The Nomological-Explanatory Solution    37
    • Lecture 4    Two Objections to NES    57
    • Lecture 5    The Problem of Laws    77
    • Lecture 6    Armstrong’s Theory    94
    • Lecture 7    The Scenario without Laws    111
    • Lecture 8    The Theistic Account    128
    • Lecture 9    God and Laws    149
    • Lecture 10    Completing the Picture    167
    • Bibliography    185
    • Index    189