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The Ethics of Aquinas

Stephen J. Pope (Georgetown University Press: May 2002), 544 pages.

In this comprehensive anthology, twenty-seven outstanding scholars from North America and Europe address every major aspect of Thomas Aquinas’s understanding of morality and comment on his remarkable legacy. The opening chapters of The Ethics of Aquinas introduce readers to the sources, methods, and major themes of Aquinas’s ethics. Part II of the book provides an extended discussion of ideas in the Second Part of the Summa Theologiae, in which contributors present cogent interpretations of the structure, major arguments, and themes of each of the treatises. The third and final part examines the legacy of Thomistic ethics for the twentieth century and today. These essays reflect a diverse group of scholars representing a variety of intellectual perspectives. Contributors span numerous fields of study, including intellectual history, medieval studies, moral philosophy, religious ethics, and moral theology. This remarkable variety underscores how interpretations of Thomas’s ethics continue to develop and evolve — and stimulate fervent discussion within the academy and the church. ~ Product Description

Table of Contents

    • Preface
    • Abbreviations
    • The Setting of the Summa Theologiae of St. Thomas – Revisited    1
    • The Sources of the Ethics of St. Thomas Aquinas    17
    • Overview of the Ethics of Thomas Aquinas    30
  • Pt. I    The First Part of the Second Part of the Summa Theologiae
    • Happiness (Ia IIae, qq. 1-5)    57
    • The Will and Its Acts (Ia IIae, qq. 6-17)    69
    • Good and Evil in Human Acts (Ia IIae, qq. 18-21)    90
    • The Passions of the Soul (Ia IIae, qq. 22-48)    103
    • Habits and Virtues (Ia IIae, qq. 49-70)    116
    • The Intellectual Virtues (Ia IIae, qq. 57-58)    131
    • Vice and Sin (Ia IIae, qq. 71-89)    151
    • Natural Law and Human Law (Ia IIae, qq. 90-97)    169
    • The Old Law and the New Law (Ia IIae, qq. 98-108)    194
    • Grace (Ia IIae, qq. 109-114)    207
  • Pt. II    The Second Part of the Second Part of the Summa Theologiae
    • The Theological Virtue of Faith: An Invitation to an Ecclesial Life of Truth (IIa IIae, qq. 1-16)    221
    • The Theological Virtue of Hope (IIa IIae, qq. 17-22)    232
    • The Theological Virtue of Charity (IIa IIae, qq. 23-46)    244
    • The Virtue of Prudence (IIa IIae, qq. 47-56)    259
    • The Virtue of Justice (IIa IIae, qq. 58-122)    272
    • Sins Against Justice (IIa IIae, qq. 59-78)    287
    • The Virtue of Courage (IIa IIae, qq. 123-140)    304
    • The Virtue of Temperance (IIa IIae, qq. 141-170)    321
    • Charisms, Forms, and States of Life (IIa IIae, qq. 171-189)    340
  • Pt. III    The Twentieth-Century Legacy
    • Interpreting Thomas Aquinas: Aspects of the Dominican School of Moral Theology in the Twentieth Century    355
    • Interpreting Thomas Aquinas: Aspects of the Redemptorist and Jesuit Schools in the Twentieth Century    374
    • Thomistic Moral Philosophy in the Twentieth Century    385
    • Interpretations of Aquinas’s Ethics Since Vatican II    412
    • The Evaluation of Goods and the Estimation of Consequences: Aquinas on the Determination of the Morally Good    426
    • Lonergan and Aquinas: The Postmodern Problematic of Theology and Ethics    437
    • Contributors    457
    • Index    461