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The God Conversation

J.P. Moreland and Tim Muehlhoff (IVP Books: Nov 30, 2007), 158 pages.

In The God Conversation veteran apologists and communicators J.P. Moreland and Tim Muehlhoff say that often the best way to win over others is with a good story. Stories have the ability to get behind our preconceptions and defenses. They can connect both emotionally and intellectually, appealing to the whole person rather than just to the mind. The authors offer a wealth of penetrating illustrations, examples and quotes that respond to these issues and more. In these pages they enhance the logic and evidence found in other books defending the faith, with things your friends, relatives or coworkers will ponder long after a conversation is over. "This book is a well crafted intro into many of the most famous arguments for the existence of God, and other pressing problems that confound Christians in all ages. It’s divided into Seven Section over 11 chapters and an afterthougt. What seperates this book from many other apologetics works is it’s heavy reliance upon illustration. In dealing with ehtics it has a sidebar on the movie Munich and how it might be used as an illustration on dealing with that we intuitively know that somethings are morally wrong, etc… The use of a vertical line next to the illustrations makes them easy to find. The book covers The Problem of Evil, Pluralism, The Ressurection, Ethics and Moral Relativism, and the Design Argument, as well as an exceptional 2 pg afterword about listening before you speak with all your new found knowledge." ~ D. Westfall

Table of Contents 

    • Acknowledgments 6
    • Foreword Lee Strobel 7
    • Introduction 9
    • The Power of Illustrations 14
    • Can God Be Good If Terrorists Exist? 19
    • Can God Be Good If Terrorists Exist? (Part 2) 32
    • Jesus, Buddha or Muhammad?: Seeking a Guide in the Maze of Religions 45
    • Jesus, Buddha or Muhammad? (Part 2) 64
    • The Resurrection: Conspiracy Theory or Fact? 78
    • The Resurrection: Conspiracy Theory or Fact? (Part 2) 89
    • What Would Machiavelli Do?: Ethics in a Morally Confused World 103
    • What Would Machiavelli Do? (Part 2) 118
    • Are We an Accident? Arguing for God Through Design 129
    • Are We an Accident? (Part 2) 140
    • Final Thought: The Dangers of Agenda Anxiety 150
    • Notes 152
    • Name Index 159
    • Subject Index 160