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The Gospel in a Pluralist Society

Lesslie Newbigin (Eerdmans: Dec 1989), 255 pages.

How does the gospel relate to a pluralist society? What is the Christian message in a society marked by religious pluralism, ethnic diversity, and cultural relativism? Should Christians encountering today’s pluralist society concentrate on evangelism or on dialogue? How does the prevailing climate of opinion affect, perhaps infect, Christians’ faith? These kinds of questions are addressed in this noteworthy book by Lesslie Newbigin. A highly respected Christian leader and ecumenical figure, Newbigin provides a brilliant analysis of contemporary (secular, humanist, pluralist) culture and suggests how Christians can more confidently affirm their faith in such a context. While drawing from scholars such as Michael Polanyi, Alasdair MacIntyre, Hendrikus Berkhof, Walter Wink, and Robert Wuthnow, The Gospel in a Pluralist Society is suited not only to an academic readership. This heartfelt work by a missionary pastor and preacher also offers to Christian leaders and laypeople some thoughtful, helpful, and provocative reflections.

Table of Contents

    • 1 Dogma and Doubt in a Pluralist Culture
    • 2 The Roots of Pluralism
    • 3 Knowing and Believing
    • 4 Authority, Autonomy, and Tradition
    • 5 Reason, Revelation, and Experience
    • 6 Revelation in History
    • 7 The Logic of Election
    • 8 The Bible as Universal History
    • 9 Christ, the Clue to History
    • 10 The Logic of Mission
    • 11 Mission: Word, Deed, and New Being
    • 12 Contextualization, True and False
    • 13 No Other Name
    • 14 The Gospel and the Religions
    • 15 The Gospel and the Cultures
    • 16 Principalities, Powers, and People
    • 17 The Myth of the Secular Society
    • 18 The Congregation as Hermeneutic of the Gospel
    • 19 Ministerial Leadership for a Missionary Congregation
    • 20 Confidence in the Gospel